Mental Health Resources

I have put together a brief list of resource numbers that are always an option if you need extra support between appointments.

County crisis lines

Multnomah  (503)988-4888

Clackamas    (503)655-8401

Washington  (503)291-9111

Other Helplines

Suicide Hotline   (800)422-7558

Women's Crisis Line   (503)235-5333

Senior Helpline   (503)988-3646

Youth Helpline  (877)968-8491

National Domesitce Violence Hotline  (800)799-SAFE

Gamblers Anonymous   (503)233-5888

Alcohol and Drug Helplines

Portland Alcohol & Drug Helpline   (503)244-1312

Oregon Alcohol and Drug Helpline  (503)244-1312

Alcoholics Anonymous  (503)223-8569

Narcotics Anonymous  (503)345-9839